Bin Drai and Altamira Polo Teams to Compete at the Subsidiary Final of the Polo Masters Cup 2021

10 February 2021, Dubai, UAE: The first game between Bin Drai Polo and Ankora Polo teams opened with a goal from Gregorio Gelosi for Bin Drai. The team had created a significant 3.5 goal lead by the end of the second chukker. It was a slow first half for Ankora which continued until the end of the third chukker. Ankora inched its way closer to Bin Drai with 3 goals from Ricardo Garros Jr. during the last chukker.

However, Bin Drai‘s early lead was enough to secure the win and ended the game at 6 goals to 5.5.

Match Progression: .5 – 1 | 1.5 – 5 | 2.5 – 6 | 5.5 – 6
Top Scorer: Gregorio Gelosi and Ricardo Garros Jr., 5 goals

The last of the qualifying matches of the Polo Masters Cup 2021 had Altamira Polo beat Alem with a 4 goal lead. Altamira dominated the match from the first chukker with Ed Banner Eve scoring most of the goals for Alem. The last chukker was a race for Alem to close the 6 goal gap with a goal from Louisa Farrington and Banner. The game settled at 11 goals to 7.

Match Progression: 4 – 1 | 7 – 2 | 10 – 6 | 11 – 7
Top Scorer: Guillermo Cuitinho and Ed Banner Eve, 5 goals

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Images: © Khalil Ali / Shine TV

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