Officially becoming a USPA Member Club in 2015, Boston Polo Club (Georgetown, Massachusetts) was founded by Club President and Manager Mark Tashjian. The club’s goals are clear: helping people learn how to play polo from scratch and bringing more people into the sport. “We want to develop players at all levels and provide affordable prices,” said summer manager Federico Wulff. “We want to provide an opportunity for anyone who wants to play to come to Boston Polo Club and learn. For example, if someone doesn’t have a mallet, helmet or boots, Boston Polo Club will lend them the equipment and make sure their experience is special.”

Boston Polo Club wants to expand on their basic idea and have a supportive network with venues outside the club, private venues and other clubs in the area. “Boston Polo Club started exclusively as an idea to develop a system of facilities, horses and teachers for anyone who wants to get started in polo,” Wulff said. Slowly and surely, the club is growing with over 150 people having played there. The club has three riding instructors, four polo instructors and an average of 80 polo lessons per week, with different programs featured every day.

Boston Polo Club's President and Manager Mark Tashjian.

Boston Polo Club’s President and Manager Mark Tashjian.

Boston Polo Club wants to give those who have never played polo before and want to learn the opportunity to play. “We want to provide whatever is necessary for amateur sponsors to truly feel that this lifestyle is what creates passion and allows people to come together as friends and family, centered around a competitive sport but always as a community,” Tashjian said.

“Our vision is that our circle of fields, people, and polo grows massively and to change the idea that each club or venue is completely different from another just next door,” Tashjian continued. “We want to show that professionalism helps polo grow day by day, we just have to come together and lead the way, starting with the beginners, sponsors and all the way to professional players. We compete against each other on the field, but outside the boards we are all on the same side.”

2019 Northeastern Interscholastic Girls Regional Winners: Boston Polo Club - (L to R) Elizabeth Owens, Julia Schaefer, Ariadne Dogani, Delaney Bates and Coach Mark Tashjian

2019 Northeastern Interscholastic Girls Regional Winners: Boston Polo Club – (L to R) Elizabeth Owens, Julia Schaefer, Ariadne Dogani, Delaney Bates and Coach Mark Tashjian.

Boston Polo Club’s program

Boston Polo Club offers activities for every level, from beginner to higher level.

Beginners Group: Boston Polo Club hosts a three-week intensive course for beginners just starting in polo.

Coaching League: Throughout the year, Boston Polo Club hosts polo practices and matches for beginners who are ready to start playing on the field. Players are taught tactics, rules and teamplay by coaches. The Coaching League is held twice a week throughout the year, on a traditional field in the summer and in an indoor arena during the winter.

Club Practice: The club provides advanced players with polo practices three times a week. Some members have acquired their own horses, but the club provides horses to players as needed. Boston Polo Club’s motto is to provide players with anything they need so the club has stables and accommodations for grooms, among other things. If clients want their own stabling and their own groom, Boston Polo Club has it.

Monthly League: Guarantees that all players can play throughout the month, with at least four guaranteed games. Boston Polo Club players also have professionals available to join their team, such as 4-goaler Ernesto Rulo Trotz, 3-goalers Federico Wulff and Fernando Maciel Talavera and 1-goaler Mark Tashjian.

Pro-Am: Once a week, Ernesto Trotz and Federico Wulff lead the Pro-Am group. This program is designed to make the best experience possible for all players who participate in the league, accommodating different styles and teaching in different situations so that everyone grows as a player.

Boston Polo Club also has interscholastic and a women’s team, both of which are trained every year to participate in national and regional tournaments.

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