Children’s Cancer Center fundraise at Sarasota Polo Club

SARASOTA – The Children’s Cancer Center is expanding their outreach from the Bay Area to the Suncoast.

“Everything about today is about supporting this local community and local families here that are in the fight that are in the fight against pediatric cancer, ensuring that they have the appropriate support programs, the financial support to get through the diagnosis and any educational foundation that they need,” said CEO of The Children’s Cancer Center, Patty O’Leary. 

And what better way to fundraise than through Champagne and Chukkers at the Sarasota Polo Club. 

“Thanks to Impact 100, which is a local organization, our families were able to come out and be sponsored today and part take in the festivities, as well as we have numerous community sponsors supporting us today to ensure we were able to put the event on,” said O’Leary. 

For Casey Moore, chairman of the Sarasota Children’s Cancer Center Advisory Board, the organization hits home. 

“I became aware of the Children’s Cancer Center in 2015 when my daughter McKinley was diagnosed with Leukemia,” said chairman of the Sarasota Children’s Cancer Center, Casey Moore. 

Moore says having a child diagnosed with pediatric cancer, affects the entire family. 

“My daughter had an older brother and seeing some of the things that he would have to go through and the changes in our life that were necessary to accommodate her treatments and some of the retirements that were necessary it really affected our entire family and the center recognizes that,” said Moore. 

The organization provides programs such as counseling, art therapy, cooking classes and fun events for all members of the family. Moore says the goal is to expand the services to families on the Suncoast

“There’s a lot of families that don’t have local resources or the ability to have the mom or dad take off work or extended family to help with child care so we became really aware of that this center provides a lot of those services that maybe other people wouldn’t have access to if they don’t have the proper support structure in place,” said Moore. 

The Children’s Cancer Center serves over one thousand families. 

“All of the guests here today and the community that is out watching the match, the funds that we raise today will impact their lives tomorrow because kids need more than medicine to be well so it’s very important that were focusing on their immediate needs,” said O’Leary. 

For more information on The Children’s Cancer Center you can visit their website here

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