Delfin Uranga appointed as the new President of the Argentine Polo Association

Delfín Uranga has been appointed as the new President of the Argentine Polo Association (AAP), following the 98 Ordinary Asssembly of the AAP, which took place on Thursday May 27, via Zoom. Uranga steps in to replace Eduardo Novillo Astrada, who held the position through 2017 and 2021.

At 47-years-old and a 4-goaler, Delfín Uranga not only has a vast experience as a directive – in addition to being the Vicepresident of the AAP during Novillo Astrada’s two terms in office, he was the President of the Argentine Polo Pony Breeders Association, through 2021 and 2016. Ha also has very significant familiar bonds with two of the most renowned former Presidents of the AAP – his father, Marcos Uranga (1983-1987), and his father-in-law, Gonzalo Tanoira (2001-2004).

Meanwhile, it was decided that the Board of Directors will have some changes as well. Eduardo Heguy and Ernesto Lalor terms came to an end, with Ignacio Heguy, Nicanor Moreno Crotto and Justo Saavedra stepping in. Meanwhile, Carlos Menéndez Behety, Juan Lastra, Martín de Narvaez and Delfina Donovan renewed their positions.

The new President is due to lead his first Board of Directors meeting within the next few days days, to distribute the positions; among others, it is aimed at Carlos Menéndez Behety to be appointed as Vicepresident.

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