Dubai Wolves by CAFU and Abu Dhabi Polo Dominate at the Dubai Open 2021 Qualifiers

Dubai, UAE: The second day of the IFZA Gold Cup 2021 (Dubai Open) saw two teams scorch their way through their matches with commanding goal leads.

Dubai Wolves by CAFU faced Zedan Polo and scored the first goal by Alejandro Muzzio. Zedan Polo team was leading the game until the end of the second chukker with the majority of goal contributions from Jeronimo del Carril. By halftime, the Wolves had carved a 4 goal lead with a flurry of goals by the fourth chukker and a last-second goal from its patron – Habtoor Al Habtoor. The final chukker had Zedan Polo attempt to close the gap in scores only to be met with 2 goals from the Wolves that ended the game at 12 goals to 7.

Match Progression: 1 – 2 | 3 – 4 | 6 – 5 | 10 – 6 | 12 – 6
Top Scorer: Tommy Beresford, 6 goals

The heated match between Abu Dhabi Polo and UAE Polo teams was neck and neck until the penultimate chukker. On its first match in the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series 2021, Abu Dhabi Polo team claimed the first goal courtesy of Gonzalo Deltour. The second chukker had seen a couple of long-range goals from Alfredo Cappella and Bautista Beguerie whilst UAE Polo‘s

Lucas Monteverde Jr. matched these with 2 notable goals. The next chukkers aw several penalties and yellow cards issued and the scores were tied by the end of the fourth chukker. Abu Dhabi Polo team owned the last seven minutes of the game and added 4 goals winning the match at 12 goals to 8.

Match Progression: 2 – 1 | 5 – 4 | 7 – 7 | 8 – 8 | 12 – 8
Top Scorers: Gonzalo Deltour, 6 goals

The next qualifying matches of the IFZA Gold Cup 2021 are scheduled on the 19th of February, Field 1. Ghantoot Polo will face Bangash Polo at 14:00 and Habtoor Polo will play against IFZA-Mahra Polo at 16:00.

Images: Tony Belot and Khalil Ali / ShineTV

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