Dubai Wolves by CAFU and Bangash Polo Will Compete at the Bentley Cup 2021

Dubai, UAE: The IFZA Gold Cup 2021 (Dubai Open) sub-semis concluded with spectacular wins from Dubai Wolves and Bangash Polo teams on the grounds of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club.

The first game opened with a goal from Jeronimo del Carril for Zedan Polo team. However, it was the Wolves who dominated the first chukker with goals from Alejandro Muzzio, Tomas Beresford and the team‘s Patron – Habtoor Al Habtoor. Zedan Polo struggled to move the lead to its side as the Wolves maintained its 1 goal advantage through halftime. Simon Prado from Zedan Polo managed to create a tie early in the last chukker only to be outmanoeuvred by Tomas with a pass from Kian Hall. That goal was enough to seal the win for the Wolves at 7 goals to 6.

Match Progression: 3 – 1 | 4 – 3 | 5 – 4 | 6 – 5 | 7 – 6
Top Scorer: Tommy Beresford, 4 goals

IFZA-Mahra Polo team faced and Bangash Polo in the second half of the afternoon. Benjamin Panelo scored a massive 5 goal lead for Bangash by the end of the second chukker. Isidro Strada nicked 2 goals for IFZA-Mahra Polo during the third chukker which were relentlessly matched by Panelo and Jacinto Crotto. Past halftime, the Bangash Polo team had completely owned the game and earned its spot in the Bentley Cup Subsidiary final with its commanding 6 goal lead over the IFZA-Mahra Polo team.

Match Progression: 3 – 1 | 6 – 1 | 8 – 3 | 9 – 3 | 10 – 4
Top Scorer: Benjamin Panelo, 8 goals

The IFZA Gold Cup 2021 will declare its new champion on the 5th of March. Witness an exciting finale on Field 1 at Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club.

14:00 Bentley Cup (Subsidiary Final) – Dubai Wolves by CAFU vs. Bangash Polo
16:30 IFZA Gold Cup Final – UAE Polo vs. Ghantoot Polo

Images: © Khalil Ali / ShineTV

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