El Overo UAE Secure Copa Pilar

Spectacular fifth chukka success

On Friday 5 November, El Overo UAE defeated Nuestra Tierra 11-8 in The Copa Pilar Final at the Alfredo Lalor de Pilar headquarters. The first half was very even between the two teams and saw Nuestra Tierra get off to a strong start, scoring two early goals. However, El Overo UAE had a fantastic fifth chukka, with a solid run from Alfredo Cappella meaning they dominated the scoreboard and inched closer to the title. The sixth chukka saw Lucas Monteverde score a decisive goal for El Overo UAE, which cemented their 11-8 victory. 

Copa Pilar Teams:

El Overo UAE (28): Lucas Monteverde (5), Valerio Zubiaurre (7), Matías Torres Zavaleta (8) & Alfredo Cappella Barabucci (8) 

Nuestra Tierra (27): Alejandro Muzzio (8), Juan Jauretche (7), Santiago Laborde (6) & Jared Zenni (6) 

Photograph: El Overo UAE, winners of The Copa Pilar. Matías Callejo / Prensa AAP

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