Emlor – Out-Sourcing Inc. Royal Windsor Winners

HM The Queen presents prestigious trophy

The Out-Sourcing Inc. Royal Windsor Cup is Guards Polo Club’s oldest trophy and yesterday, Sunday 11 July saw Emlor clinch the win 8½-8 to be presented with the prestigious trophy by HM The Queen. Spencer McCarthy’s Emlor, who received half a goal on handicap due to Bardon’s Adolfo Cambiaso Jnr’s mid-season handicap rise, delivered a strong team performance, with McCarthy adding his name to this 15 goal tournament for the second time, following on from his win with Emlor in 2007. Surprisingly, Andras Tombor’s Bardon appeared to struggle to gain a footing in the early phases of the Final and by the end of the second chukka were lagging behind, 5½-1, but by the last two chukkas they had managed to get themselves back into contention with Poroto Cambiaso and Kian Hall scoring three goals in the fourth between them to start closing the gap, although Emlor successfully converted two penalties to maintain their lead, which meant the scores rested on 7-5 going into the last chukka.

Charlton maintained Emlor’s advantage with a converted penalty before Cambiaso found the flags; Isidro Strada, scored himself before successfully converting a penalty to bring the scores to 8½-8 and with time ticking away, the spectators were on the edge of their seats. With Bardon awarded a penalty and considering Strada’s success so far in the tournament, it seemed like Bardon would nudge into the lead, but the pressure appeared too much as he uncharacteristically sent this penalty wide, ensuring Emlor won the game.HM The Queen presented the cornucopia of prizes, with Charlton’s favourite ROR mare, Genie, receiving Best Playing Pony. A full report will be included in the next issue of Polo Times

The Out-Sourcing Inc. Royal Windsor Cup Final Teams:

Emlor Red (15): Spencer McCarthy (1), Richard Tyrone (5), Max Charlton (6) & Hugo Taylor (3)

Bardon (15): Isidro Strada (6), Kian Hall (3), Andras Tombor (0) & Poroto Cambiaso (6)  

Photograph: HM The Queen presented the prizes. By ©www.imagesofpolo.com

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