England vs Argentina Women’s International

26 goal match at 4.30pm tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Saturday 19 June, will see an old rivalry ignited at Cirencester Park Polo Club at 4.30pm as England face Argentina in a 26 goal Women’s International. The Argentine side will be led by Lía Salvo and Candelaria Fernández Araujo, both double winners of The Argentine Women’s Open (Salvo with El Overo Z7 UAE and Fernández Araujo with La Dolfina Brava), who will play alongside Olivia Jauretche and Catalina Lavinia, with Olivia Merlos as the team substitute. The England side will be led by Hazel Jackson-Gaona, who alongside Milly Hine will face their Argentine Women’s Open teammate, Lía Salvo. Beanie Bradley and Kayley Smith will complete the Frasers England line-up. 

England vs Argentina Women’s International Teams:

Team Frasers England (25): Beanie Bradley (4), Kayley Smith (4), Milly Hine (7) & Hazel Jackson-Gaona (10)

Team Argentina (26): Olivia Jauretche (4), Catalina Lavinia (5), Candelaria Fernandez Araujo (8) & Lía Salvo (9)

Photograph: Frasers England team L-R: Hazel Jackson-Gaona, Milly Hine, Kayley Smith & Beanie Bradley. By ©www.imagesofpolo.com

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