Ghantoot Polo Undefeated and Proudly Claimed the IFZA Gold Cup 2021 Trophy

The much-awaited, 18 goal handicap tournament in the Middle East has concluded with a spectacular finish on the grounds of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club.

Two high-intensity games delighted spectators and fans as Bangash Polo played against Dubai Wolves by CAFU at the Bentley Cup Subsidiary Final and, Ghantoot Polo faced UAE Polo at the final match of the IFZA Gold Cup 2021 tournament. Jacinto Crotto claimed the first goal for the Bangash Polo team, Dubai Wolves on its tail matched it with a pass from Tommy Beresford and Kian chalking up a goal for the team. The matched that ensued had teams neck and neck until halftime. Bangash Polo team had taken the lead for the first time by the end of the penultimate chukker. The determining chukker had Benjamin Panelo score 3 consecutive goals that sealed the win for the Bangash Polo team at 10 goals to 7.

Match Progression: 2 – 2 | 4 – 4 | 5 – 5 | 7 – 6 | 10 – 7
Top Scorer: Benjamin Panelo, 7 goals

The final match of the IFZA Gold Cup 2021 was intense from start to finish. UAE Polo had grabbed the lead early on the game with a flurry of goals from Tomas Panelo. It was an uphill battle for Ghantoot Polo to score a goal during the second chukker which they finally broke through at the start of the third and made an amazing comeback, ending the chukker with a 4 goal advantage with plenty of successful penalty shots from Marcos Araya. The final minutes of the game had seen Cesar Crespo score back to back goals for Ghantoot. Relentless and with a title to defend, the UAE Polo team demonstrated strong offense as the team attempted to catch up to its opponent and brought in 2 more goals from Panelo. The significant goal advantage of Ghantoot Polo kept the team undefeated at 11 goals to 7.

Match Progression: 1 – 3 | 2 – 4 |, 8 – 4 | 8 – 5 | 11 – 7
Top Scorer of the tournament: Benjamín Panelo, 36 goals

Martin Pedersen, Chairman of International Freezone Authority and, Joseph Tayar, General Manager of Al Habtoor Motors Prestige Division – Bentley Emirates, awarded the teams of the day. Cesar Crespo was declared as the Most Valuable Player and Pichot, ridden by Marcos Araya as the Best Playing Pony.

Images: © Khalil Ali / ShineTV

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