I learned to play HORSE POLO near Seattle! 🐴 | Local Lens Seattle

When I learned Seattle had their very own Polo & Equestrian Club, you KNOW I had to get in on that!

SEATTLE — When I learned Seattle had it’s very own Polo & Equestrian Club, you KNOW I had to get in on that!

I’ve been straight-up obsessed with horses my whole life, so naturally I was super excited to try out Seattle Polo’s Intro to Polo clinic. I dusted off my old riding outfit and headed out to Enumclaw for the 7 hour class, learning the ins and outs of one of the oldest team sports out there. Before you head off on the real thing, the class first tries polo on a wooden horse (yes, seriously) to get a good handle on form and the mallet.

After we had a better grip on the basics, we leveled up to real horses! My gem of a pony was named Tulsa, and I felt so safe riding and learning in this atmosphere. I even got to try a scrimmage! GOOOALLL! I have to admit I was pretty sore after, but it was such a whirlwind of an experience and I’m so happy I got to try it out!

Beginner classes last throughout the summer. For more information about how to sign up check out their website

The Seattle Polo Club is also known for the Seattle Polo Party which features a fashion show, parade, equestrian entertainment and more! Mark your calendars for this year’s event on Saturday, Aug. 14.

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