Impressive Cambridge County Polo Club up for sale at over £4m

Offering a total of three lots and an estimated 187 acres in total, the professional Cambridge County Polo Club is on sale at Frolic Farm, Lode.

Amongst the remarkable grounds, you’ll find the established Polo Club, Peepers Cottage and the land east of Frolic Farm all for sale for a combined package of £4,410,000.

Bidwells estate agents are advertising the beautiful Cambridge County Polo Club with the option to buy all three lots.

One of the three lots is The Club House which also includes “holiday cottages, stables, facilities, buildings with Class Q Consent for five residential dwellings and associated land and paddocks” for a total of £3,250,000.

The second is Peepers Cottage, a four-bedroom cottage and paddock priced at £440,000.

Thirdly is the Land east of Frolic Farm which includes “established polo pitches and paddock land” on sale for £720,000.

All three lots consist of an estimated 187 acres “of established pasture, polo pitches and stick and ball grounds, clubhouse, stables and extensive facilities” as stated by Bidwells. 

The Country Polo Club on Frolic Farm is located to the North West of the village of Lode in Cambridgeshire with good access to the A14 and A11.

It is surrounded by the countryside situated at the end of a country road lane leading from Lode.

The village of Lode offers all the facilities you could need such as shops, a post office, a recreation ground and a social club, as well as being a short drive away from the centre of Cambridge. 

Bidwells explains Frolic Farm’s history, it “was farmed in a conventional manner until 2008 when the Cambridge County Polo Club was established”.

The club has hosted a number of regular, professional tournaments throughout the summer seasons.

Frolic Farm has also been established as a venue for events such as “wedding receptions, corporate team building events and other celebrations”.

The land holds no limits to the number of spectators it can allow on-site with the clubhouse currently holding a licence to permit the serving of alcoholic beverages.

Take a look at the spectacular grounds and properties available on Frolic Farm below.

Cambridge County Polo Club stables
The property has a number of stables (Image: Bidwells, Chris Rawlings)
The Club House with two further cottages
The Club House with two further cottages (Image: Bidwells, Chris Rawlings)
Peepers Cottage
Peepers Cottage, offering four bedrooms in a two-storey chalet style property(Image: Chris Rawlings)
Aerial view of Peepers Cottage
Aerial view of Peepers Cottage(Image: Cloud Visual)
The land at Frolic Farm
The land east of Frolic Farm is also up for sale along with the other property lots (Image: Cloud Visual)

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