Interesting facts about Polo sports:

Polo is an intense game for excellent horse-riders with exquisite eye and hand coordination. 

When we hear the term “Polo”, various objects come into our mind; such as popular mint, necked jumper, or even a particular shirt type. Originally, Polo is one of the oldest known sports events. The fundamental things required to play Polo are horse, stick, and ball. Even if you are not so much familiar with this sport event, go through this article to know some really interesting facts. We all love to know interesting and rare facts; so without further ado, let’s get started with some funny and exciting Polo facts.

Basically, this game is all about striking the ball with the mallet and take it closer to the goal net of the opponent while seating on the horse.

Considering the intensity of the game and the health of the horse and horse rider, polo is played in short 7 minute long periods. This playing period is known as “Chukkas”. Totally, the result is declared based on four or six chukkas.

This game was originally invented to train the King’s guard nearly 2500 years ago.

The first officially recorded tournament of polo is played between the Turkomans and the Persians back in 600 B.C. The Turkomans won the tournament.

There are four players in a team, two players play as attackers, one as a defender, and the other one is responsible for keeping the midfield region.

The famous polo t-shirt was designed by Lewis Lacey back in the 1920s. Although it was prepared without any expectations, eventually it became a famous fashion statement, equally applicable in recent times.

Remember Tom Buchanon from “The Great Gatsby”, the character was based on one of the greatest Polo players of America, Tommy Hitchock Jr.

In 1876, famous newspaper publisher and sportsman, James Gordon Bennet introduced Polo sports to the USA.

The first-ever Polo club was established by some British tea-planters in Silchar of Assam state of India in 1859.

The first Muslim emperor of Northern India, Sultan Qutb-ud-din Aibak died in an unfortunate accident while playing polo in 1210. He was in the fourth year of his reign.

The use of white trousers in polo sports started in the nineteenth century by Indian royals as they were accustomed to playing in the summer season and preferred light colorfabric dress.

Although there are no gender-based rules or regulations, only right-handers can play this sport.

The horses selected and trained for polo are regarded as “ponies”.

Historically, polo is the first organized sports event ever known. The first recognized name of this sport was “hockey on horseback”.

Since the last few decades, Polo became famous and there are nearly 80 recognized polo sporting countries right now.

Although polo is not so popular in India, hopefully, this article will generate some interest among the readers.

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