Interscholastic Polo teams from Newburg honored in Times Square

Gardnertown Polo Club in Newburgh celebrated their Interscholastic Teams’ success this week on Facebook which include the teams being feature up in lights on Broadway in New York City. The Gardnertown Polo Team are the 2021 National Champions and got to relive their winning moment by seeing themselves and their trophy up in Times Square.

Gardnertown Polo via Facebook 7-25-2021 team

Gardnertown Polo is very proud of both it’s interscholastic teams and they continue to build a strong club. One of their 2020 alumni, Matteo Chaux was honored along with the 2021 teams. Chaux won the 2020 Male Interscholastic Player of the Year Award he is pictured below with USPA Governor Jordan.

Gardnertown Polo via Facebook 7-25-2021 VP

Gardnertown Polo Club was established in 1990. It is proud to be one of the oldest running arena polo clubs in the Northeast. Arena Polo differs from outdoor polo in one main way, it is played indoors as opposed to on a large outside field. It is action packed excitement when you are ring side. You feel like you are in the game with the horses and the players.

Gardnertown also encourage outdoor riders to play the indoor season at Gardnertown as a way to keep riders and horses in shape. They do hold tournament throughout the year if you want to catch the excitement in person.

The Gardnertown Polo Interscholastic Girls Team

Gardnertown Polo via Facebook 7-25-2021 girls team

The Gardnertown Polo Interscholastic Boys Team with their Championship Banner

Gardnertown Polo via Facebook 7-25-2021 boys team

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