Italy Secure FIP XIII European Championship

Last minute winning goal
On Sunday 19 September, Italy secured the FIP XIII European Championship title following a 6-5 win against Austria in the Final at Los Pinos. The team last lifted the trophy in 2018 at Villa A Sesta. The Best Playing Pony was chosen as Pícara, played by Jakob Von Plessen and owned by Alicia Gariador, Walter Scherb received the Fair Play Award and the Most Valuable Player was Miguel Lagos Marmol.Before the Final, Spain and the Netherlands went head-to-head for the La Reserva Cup to decide third and fourth place; the match ended with a convincing 10-4 victory for the home team, Spain.

 FIP XIII European Championship Final Teams:Austria (7): Walter Scherb (1), Jakob Plessen (0), Martin Bleier (2) & Diego Braun (4) Italy (8): Stefano Giansanti (0), Therance Cusmano (1), Gregorio Gelosi (4) & Miguel Lagos Marmol (3)  

Photograph: Italy, winners of The FIP XIII European Championship.

By Polo Art Images (Neil Egerton)

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