Ittehad Punjab Polo Cup 2021: Remounts & Barry’s home openers

Sohail Ali

LAHORE, Feb. 23 — Remounts and Barry’s played exceptional polo to win the Ittehad Punjab Polo Cup 2021 starters, which was played here at the Lahore Polo Club grounds on Tuesday.

Ignacio Negri led Remounts to 10-4 1/2 in the first game of the tournament.

Ignacio was the best scorer of the winning side with fantastic four goals, while his teammates Vieri Antinori hammered a hat trick, Bilal Haye a prop and Imran Shahid one goal.

From Colony / FG Polo, Francisco Bensadon hit with three goal kicks while Naveed Sheikh hit one.

Remounts dominated the game right from the start as they fired fantastic four goals to have a healthy 4-0 lead, while Colony / FG Polo hit one to complete the first chuckle at 4-1. The second chucker was tied as both sides converted one goal kick, and Remounts still had a 5-2 lead.

Colony did start the third chukker well by weakening a field goal to reduce the margin to 5-3, but Remounts continued their good performance in the remaining chukker and added two more goals to further improve their lead to 7-3 .

Remounts also retained their supremacy in the fourth and final chucker, where they attacked with more aggression and converted three more goals against Colonie, which put forward a half-goal lead, thus ending the encounter by 10-4 1/2 won it. Nicholas Scortichini and Marcelo Garrahan oversee the match as field referees.

The heroic deeds of Santiago Gomes Romero helped beat Barry Newage / Jubilee Life 9-6. Santiago scores a fantastic five goals, while Ernesto Trotz converts a hat-trick and Hamza Mawaz Khan one goal. From Newage / Jubilee Life comes the biggest contribution from Salvador Jauretche, who cracked a quartet while Salvador Ulloa and Alman Jalil Azam scored one goal, but their efforts were ultimately useless to their team.

The first chuck was action-packed, and both sides conceded six goals. Barry’s dominated the chukker by shooting fantastic four against two by Newage / Jubilee Life to take a 4-2 lead. Barry’s added another in their score in the second chukker to extend their lead to 5-2, which the remaining chukker dominated by Newage, who slammed with a prop to make it 5-4.

The third chucker was evenly prepared as both sides hit one goal kick to make it 6-5. The fourth and final chucker once again dominated Barry’s, who managed to adjust a hat-trick against a single goal from Newage, thus winning the encounter 9-6.

Nicholas Scortichini and Marcelo Garrahan handled the match as field referees.
Tomorrow (Wednesday) two matches will be played. The first match will be contested at 14:30 between BN Polo and DS Polo / ASC, while Diamond Paints will fight Colony / FG Polo at 15:30.

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