KE Sotogrande Cup: Cibao La Pampa win title at Ayala

Cibao La Pampa claimed the KE Sotogrande Cup on Sunday, May 30, at Ayala Polo Club. Even though they lost 4-5 to John Smith, they had already won their two previous games.

This season marks a new era for polo in Sotogrande, with Ayala acting as the main host of the action. The club is supported by by Minuto Siete, Dos Lunas Polo & Dressage Club, and Santa María Polo Club.

This season promises to be a memorable one, running through to the end of August, the month when the high goal returns to Sotogrande.

The tournament saw four teams, up to 8 goals, compete.

The results of the last day of action were as follows:

Rhone Hill 6-4 Horseware

John Smith 5-Cibao La Pampa 4

MVP: Juan Pepa

BPP: Jet Light, ridden by Patricio Cieza

Fair Play Award: Charles Heffron

Final Standings:

  1. Cibao La Pampa
  2. Rhone Hill
  3. Horseware
  4. John Smith


John Smith: Gabriel Aguirre 0, Flora Larkin -1, Jorge Pepa 3, Santiago Laborde 6. Total: 8.

Horseware: Emmet Conolly 0, Agustín Perego 2, Patricio Neves 4, Daniel Gariador 2. Total: 8.

Rhone Hill: Patrick Heffron 0, Charles Heffron 0, Gonzalo López Vargas 4, Lucas di Paola 4. Total: 8

Cibao La Pampa: Juan Pepa 1, Naico Desmas -1, Pedro Beca 2, Patricio Cieza 6. Total: 8.


Thursday, May 27:

6pm: Cibao La Pampa vs. Rhone Hill

Friday, May 28:

11am: John Smith vs. Horseware

Saturday, May 29:

5,30pm: John Smith vs. Rhone Hill

6,30pm: Cibao La Pampa vs. Horseware

Sunday, May 30:

11,30am: Cibao La Pampa vs. John Smith

12,30pm: Rhone Hill vs. Horseware


KE Sotogrande Cup – Final Day

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