Klenter Ranch retain Pacific Coast Open title

The season in California came to a thrilling end for Klentner Ranch as they ran out the champions of the Pacific Coast Open at Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club on Sunday, August 29.

The final was a very exciting match. Klentner Ranch, with Tomás García del Río filling in for the injured Santiago Toccalino, defeated Bensoleimaini.com by 11 goals to 9. Klentner Ranch took wide advantages in the first half, but Bensoleimani.com managed to bounce back in the fourth and fifth chukkas, cutting the margin down to just one goal. Tomás García del Río scored two crucial goals to give Klentner Ranch a 9-7 lead with one chukka left to play. That last chukka was very intense and hard fought, with Bensoleimani.com scoring twice to cut the margin down to one goal once again. That’s was when Jesse Bray picked up the ball and scored to give Klentner Ranch the title. This is Klentner Ranch’s third PCO title, and it is worth noting that they conclude the Santa Barbara season unbeaten, having also won the Silver Cup.

Jesse Bray was named MVP, and his mare, Disney (prized in the 2017 final of the PCO), won BPP honors. He also received the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club award for the Best String of the season.

Cover Photo: Agustina Fonda.



Klentner Ranch: Jesse Bray 6, Santiago Toccalino 8 *, Jacob Klentner 1, Justin Klentner 1. Total: 16. (*replaced by Tomás García del Río in the final).

Farmers & Merchants Bank: Danny Walker 2, Lucas Criado 7, Lucas Criado Jr. 4, Matthew Walker 3. Total: 16. (Reemplazante: Marcos Llambías 6).

Santa Clara: Luis Escobar 5, Nico Escobar 5, Lucas Escobar 4, Federico Escobar 1. Total: 15.


Antelope: Grant Palmer 1, Segundo Saravi 3, Tomás García del Río 8, Santiago Trotz 4. Total: 16.

Bensoleimani.com: Ben Soleimani 0, Santiago Wulff 5, Iñaki Laprida 7,  Tomás Alberdi 4. Total: 16.

Lucchese: John Muse 0, Facundo Obregón 6, Jeff Hall 6, Keko Magrini 3. Total: 15.

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