The story behind the founder of Krono Polo can be anything but conventional.

Camila Mejía Posada, who is the most visible face of Krono Polo, has always loved fashion and design; she managed to climb high ranks in the fashion design industry and accumulated experience and stories that would serve her in founding her own company.

Camila got to have the job dreamed of by many people, having worked for Alexander McQueen, Victoria Beckham and Harrods, from fashion ateliers to private consultancy for great international figures. Travel was the order of the day, invitations to the most important catwalks in the world could not be absent and the best suits and dresses she could always wear. Although it is a life that we all would like for the luxuries and unique experiences it offers, you also have to count the endless hours of work and be stuck in the office with the goal of giving your best.

In the competitive world of fashion, things made lightly or without thinking do not work, everything takes time, creativity and a lot, a lot of dedication. Now, we must clarify that overwork has not been the reason why Camila Mejía has retired from the world of fashion and publishing, it has been because she found a way to unite design with her childhood passion: horses.

As a child, she grew up in a natural environment where she had a constant closeness to animals, among them were dogs and horses, when she moved to England she wanted to preserve that love for animals that she acquired in her native Colombia; Lola was the name for her pet Maltese Shitzu Cross who until then has accompanied her at all times, unfortunately she could not have a horse in her apartment so there she would begin to attend different clubs in London so as not to cut the admiration she holds for these animals.

It was there that Camila Mejía Posada would find what would become her permanent life project, her passion for horses allowed her to find love for who she is currently her partner and from him she would learn to love polo. Maybe at some point in her life he thought that she would end up working on something that would allow him to be side by side with other facets of her, among which the love for horses stands out. This is how she ventured to create a brand designed for players who value jeans and T-shirts and her priority is not always luxury fashion houses.

Today, after more than a year of resigning from her previous jobs, she has the fortune of having a brand with a promising future and where in a short time she savers what success is. Camila Mejía, or rather “Cami” or “Luna” as her family intimately calls her, has found the perfect balance between fashion and horses; Since the aggressive fashion industry forged a hard-working character during the 10 years that she belonged to this sector, from there arose the determination to constantly set high goals with the sole purpose of moving forward. Camila has implemented in Krono Polo that know- how in the polo industry, which sometimes hardly comes out of the monotony and the conventional, this being the key to quickly stand out and make Krono Polo a global brand.

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Tapasvi Vibhute

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