La Dolfina BP Regain Women’s Argentine Open

Strong 12-5 win against El Overo Z7 UAE

Just hours before the highly anticipated 128th HSBC Argentine Open Final between La Dolfina and La Natividad in the cathedral of polo, Palermo, the two top seeded women’s teams, La Dolfina BP and El Overo Z7 UAE went head-to-head for The V HSBC Women’s Argentine Open. With each team having two titles under their belts (El Overo Z7 UAE in 2020 and 2019; La Dolfina in 2018 and 2017) who would be lifting high the trophy this year?La Dolfina BP dominated from the first throw-in, with Nina Clarkin leading the team well, while Candelaria Fernández Araujo was strong in defence, which saw El Overo Z7 UAE struggle to comeback and defend their 2020 title.

In the end, La Dolfina BP ran out the winners with an impressive 12-5 final score, with Clarkin named Most Valuable Player and Milly Hine receiving the Fair Play Award. Ve Ocho Feliz, played by Nina Clarkin, was the AAP’s Best Playing Pony and Get Lucky, played by Mia Cambiaso received the AACCP Best Playing Pony Award.

V Women’s Argentine Open Final Teams:

La Dolfina BP (32): Mía Cambiaso (7), Milagros Fernández Araujo (7), Nina Clarkin (10) & Candelaria Fernández Araujo (8)

El Overo Z7 UAE (36): Clara Cassino (9), Milly Hine (7), Lía Salvo (10) & Hazel Jackson (10)  

Photograph: La Dolfina BP secure Women’s Argentine Open for third time.

By Matías Callejo/Prensa AAP

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