The High-Point Individual for the Mid-Continent Women’s Polo Tournament Series was recently awarded her prize—a beautiful Catena Swiss made watch. Bill Kraft of Catena presented the watch to Stephanie Massey Colburn. Stephanie competed in USPA women’s tournaments in Texas and Oklahoma at five different clubs including winning the U.S. Open Women’s Handicap national tournament on Aspen Snowmass.

The Mid-Continent Women’s Polo Tournament Series spans multiple clubs and states to promote participation in women’s polo at every level. “2020 for so many has been a year enveloped in hardship, loss, change, isolation and uncertainty,” said Massey Colburn. “For me, polo through this time period, and participating in the Mid-Continent Women’s Polo Tournament Series, was just a ‘breath of fresh air’ as it really allowed me to maintain some sense of normalcy. Visiting so many different polo clubs (while obviously taking proper precautions), meeting new players, seeing familiar faces on and off the field, and the overall thrill of the game—for those four chukkers the rest of the world and what was going on did not seem to matter. These tournaments allowed me to experience the high we all seek from playing coupled with I hope to be lifelong friendships,” Massey Colburn stated.

Stephanie Massey Colburn and Lauren Sterr in action at Two Wishes Polo Club.

Stephanie Massey Colburn and Lauren Sterr in action at Two Wishes Polo Club.

“The Mid-Continent Women’s Polo Tournament Series also showed me first-hand how our sport is growing and why women are becoming such a prominent force within the United States Polo Association. Every one of the Mid-Continent women’s tournaments succeeded at bringing together so many incredibly talented women. As the season progressed, it seemed like every tournament the number of teams kept growing until our grand finale in Houston which had an impressive twelve teams competing in the handicap division!” Massey Colburn continued.

“Receiving a Catena Swiss watch is truly an honor. Bill Kraft and his support for women’s polo is unparalleled. I love how the Catena watch is such a beautifully crafted accent piece, yet also so durable and functional for daily use,” Massey Colburn beamed.

Congratulations to Second Place winner Morgan McBride and Third Place winners (tied) Samantha Leach, KC Krueger, Lara Semmelmann, Morgan Tennant and Audrey Persano. Points were based on the amount of teams in the tournament, team ranking and Most Valuable Player and Sportsmanship awards.


Karson Bizell and Kelly Coldiron competing at OKC Polo Club.

Karson Bizell and Kelly Coldiron competing at OKC Polo Club. ©Moxley May Photography

Tournaments in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Colorado count toward points for the High-Point Catena watch and other prizes. Contact the host club to enter. You can follow the Series on Facebook and Instagram.

San Antonio Polo ClubDates TBD (Rain postponed) / OutdoorTulsa Polo Club: June 11-13 / Outdoor / 8-12 goal and 0-4Dallas Polo ClubJuly 17 / Outdoor / 0-6 goalOKC Polo ClubDates TBD / Outdoor and Arena / Goal Levels TBDNWA Polo Club: August 13-15 / Stadium Arena / Goal level TBDDenver Polo ClubAugust 26-29 / Outdoor / Multiple Levels: Beginners – 14 GoalFairfield Polo Club: September 10-12 / Outdoor / 2-4 Goal and 6-8 Goal & Beginner ArenaCentral Texas Polo Association/Two Wishes Polo Club: October 16-17 / Outdoor / 0-8 GoalLegends Polo ClubDates TBD / Arena / Goal Level TBDHouston Polo Club: November 9 – 14 / Outdoor / Texas Women’s Open (16-20 Goal) & U.S. Open Women’s Handicap (8-12 Goal)

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