Polo concern: the son of Eduardo Heguy suffered a serious accident and is admitted to intensive care

The Heguy family is key in the history of Argentine polo, with prominence for more than five decades.

A piece of news completely shook the polo world in Argentina. Pedro Heguy, an 11-year-old boy, son of former polo player Eduardo Russo Heguy and grandson of Alberto Pedro Heguy, two legends of this sport, suffered a serious accident while riding a horse in the area of ​​Intendente Alvear and is currently interned in intensive care

“We need all possible prayers for Pedro Heguy, who had a bad accident playing polo today. Let’s pray a lot, please, and force the Heguys ”, was the post that was quickly replicated in the atmosphere of this discipline when the news was known.

The accident occurred on Friday morning in one of the fields of the legendary Chapaleufú Polo Club, the sports complex of the multiple Heguy polo champions, located on Cacique Calvain street, in Intendente Alvear, La Pampa.

The Russian Heguy, Pedro's father and Argentine polo legend (@rusoheguy) The Russian Heguy, Pedro’s father and Argentine polo legend (@rusoheguy)https://www.explica.co/tmz-lazy-loading

The boy, who was in a practice, suffered a severe blow to the skull. He was quickly transferred to the Reuman Enz Hospital and later to the Centeno de Pico Hospital. In the afternoon he was referred to the Molas Hospital, in the capital of Santa Rosa.

The Heguy family is a fundamental reference within this discipline. Alberto Pedro Heguy was part of Coronel Suárez in 1975, an institution that was the first to have a team with an ideal handicap of 40 goals (Juan Carlos Harriott -h-, Alfredo Harriot and Horacio Heguy, the rest of the formation). With his team he won a total of 17 times the Argentine Open Polo Championship.

Alberto Heguy is Pedro's grandfather (@rusoheguy) Alberto Heguy is Pedro’s grandfather (@rusoheguy)

Eduardo Heguy, who together with Alberto Heguy (son) hold the record of having played 31 times in this competition, was champion four times with the Indios Chapaleufú II (his teammates were Alberto Heguy (H), Ignacio Heguy, Milo Fernández Araujo and Alejandro Díaz Alberdi).

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