Polo continues at Ayala with KE Sotogrande Cup

The KE Sotogrande Cup kicked off on Thursday, May 27, at Ayala Polo Club, as Cibao La Pampa claimed a 9-7 win over Rhone Hill. The tournament sees four teams, up to 8 goals, compete. Action resumes on Friday, May 28, with a match between John Smith and Horseware, at 11am.

This season marks a new era for polo in Sotogrande, with Ayala acting as the main host of the action. The club is supported by by Minuto Siete, Dos Lunas Polo & Dressage Club, and Santa María Polo Club.

This season promises to be a memorable one, running through to the end of August, the month when the high goal returns to Sotogrande.

The finals of the KE Sotogrande Cup are scheduled for Sunday, May 30.


John Smith: Gabriel Aguirre 0, Flora Larkin -1, Jorge Pepa 3, Santiago Laborde 6. Total: 8.

Horseware: Emmet Conolly 0, Agustín Perego 2, Patricio Neves 4, Daniel Gariador 2. Total: 8.

Rhone Hill: Patrick Heffron 0, Charles Heffron 0, Gonzalo López Vargas 4, Lucas di Paola 4. Total: 8

Cibao La Pampa: Juan Pepa 1, Naico Desmas -1, Pedro Beca 2, Patricio Cieza 6. Total: 8.


Thursday, May 27:

6pm: Cibao La Pampa vs. Rhone Hill

Friday, May 28:

11am: John Smith vs. Horseware

Saturday, May 29:

5,30pm: John Smith vs. Rhone Hill

6,30pm: Cibao La Pampa vs. Horseware

Sunday, May 30:

11,30am: Cibao La Pampa vs. John Smith

12,30pm: Rhone Hill vs. Horseware


KE Sotogrande Cup: Day 1

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