Polo Do won the Myriam Heguy Cup,

On Monday, October 11, Polo Do won the Myriam Heguy Cup, one of the most significant women’s polo competitions in Argentina. The last matches took place at the Argentine Association of Polo, in Pilar. The tournament saw a total of thirteen teams compete. The teams were split into two categories: four in high goal (17-22) and nine in low goal (7-10).

Polo Do were undefeated in the high goal following a round robin against Los Sauces Willytiki (7-6), Namuncurá Fundación Schoonem (9-6) and LDPR Amanará (12-9).

Two cups were played in the low goal: the Gold Cup and the Silver Cup. The Gold Cup went to Las Monjitas Sunra after their narrow 3.5-2 win over La Cañada, while Cuatro Vientos claimed the Silver Cup after beating Guardia del Monte 6-4. The Cuatro Vientos lineup was composed of the four Uranga sisters – daughters of the President of the AAP, Delfín Uranga.



Polo Do: Clara Buhar 0, Clara Martínez Ferrario 4, Sol López Llames 7, Hazel Jackson 10. Total: 21.


Gold Cup

Las Monjitas – Sunra: Juana Lavinia 0, Felicitas Páez Allende 1, Catalina Lavinia 4, Bianca Pagano 3. Total: 8.

Silver Cup

Cuatro Vientos: Serena Uranga 0, Alma María Uranga 1, Esperanza Uranga 4, Azucena Uranga 5. Total: 10.

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