Written By:  Mitali Dusad

Mathura Das Mathur Polo Club season 2 will be held on September 11, 2021, at the Rambagh Polo Grounds. The poster launch ceremony was organised at Rambagh Palace on Saturday!

Mathura Das Mathur Polo Club season 2 will be held on September 11, 2021, at the Rambagh Polo Grounds. The event is organised by the grandson of Late Mathura Das Mathur, Vishaal Mathur.

The brand ambassador of the prestigious polo match is the Youth icon of Rajasthan, Rishee Miglani. Actor Sohail Khan will grace the tournament with his presence. 

Jagdeesh Chandra launched the poster of the polo match at Rambagh Palace on Saturday. Kuldeep, Vikramaditya Singh, Narendra Singh, Vishaal Mathur, Rishee Miglani, Shailendra Singh Hemant Singh, Tanuj Vijay, Naman Kumar among many others were present on the occasion. Elite Miss Rajasthan models, Tanu Chaudhary and Tripti Arora also graced the evening with their presence.

Vishaal Mathur paid immense gratitude on the occasion and said, “I am honoured to have First India as my print and electronic partners of this event.” 

Polo is a horseback ball game, a traditional field sport and a representation of royals. Polo, the legendary game displays a sharp intent of stallions honing their skills, the riders nurturing with each game and taking over chukkers on chukkers.

While the sport of polo is older than recorded history, we know that its origins are in the inspirational relationship between humans and horses, though it was played on elephants and camels too.  

This special bond and the unique blending of athletic talents between horse and rider have helped polo evolve into The Sport of Kings.

The origin of polo happened in India, when the British came in they modernised the game and it travelled all around the world. 
Indians dominated the sport till the 1900s.

Modern polo has 4 players playing on each side, with 4 chukkers of seven minutes. A player usually keeps 6/8 horses per game as they usually don’t play the horse for more than 7 to 8 minutes.

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