Polo match played

Kamdebo & Memtombi Memorial Riding School (KMMRS) Singjamei and Pony Care Centre (PCC) Kumbi played a friendly polo (sagol kangjei) at Kumbi Kangjeibung, today.

BJP Bishnupur District Committee secretary, S Premchandra, Vice president Kh Laxman, DI Moirang, M Meghachandra, retired veterinary doctor Kh Kullachandra and Pony Care Centre Kumbi president M Bineshwor were present at the venue.

KMMRS Singjamei defeated PCC Kumbi by 6 – 4 goals.

After the event, S Premchandra lauded the two teams for their effort in promoting polo.

On the other hand, S Premchandra donated a loudspeaker, amplifier, horn, microphone and cables to Uchanmakhong United Youth Development Organisation, Kumbi yesterday.

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