Polo players at Oak Brook Polo Academy

s there always a game we like to try at some point? For me, polo has always been the sport. I drove 30 miles to Bolingbrook from Chicago and checked out part of my bucket list at Oak Brook Polo Academy.

For those unfamiliar with the sport, polo has been in the Chicago area since 1922. Known as the “Built Polo City,” business and outreach CEO Paul Butler, along with his brother founded the Oak Brook Polo Club and later Oak Brook City.

Butler and his children will continue to turn Oak Brook into what they believe is the “world capital of polo” with 14 fields and more than 300 horses.

Through the association with Oak Brook Polo Club, Oak Brook Polo Academy was born. It is a school dedicated to the learning, teaching and progress of new and talented polo players.

Jenna Davis is the director of the Academy.

“We have our intro at the polo hospital, we have them all summer and it’s great for those who want to go out and try polo. Maybe you have no driving experience, maybe you do, polo is a great sport that we ‘welcome everyone,’ he said. 

They offer a package of ten lessons and have six weeks to use the tutorial. They are welcome to drive all year round. 

For more information, visit Oak Brook Polo Academy.

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