POLO RULES: Right and Wrong

Right and Wrong

Quick reaction and a near-reflex assessment of situations are of the essence of tactical play and safety. The next two examples highlight the right, and the wrong reactions in a given situation.

Situation 1 (left half of the field)
A player doesn’t hit the ball hard enough and tries to hit it again by slowing down, or abruptly changing directions. Another player is directly behind the first player in playing position.

Wrong because:

A player hits the ball wrong and gives it a second try by slowing down or abruptly changing direction. There are other players right behind him in position to hit the ball.


A player, having messed up a hit, should carry on at the same speed without attempting a second hit. He should let a teammate take the next hit or, time allowing, go round and approach from the back of the field to attempt another hit.

Situation 2 (right half of the field)
In an attempt to hit the ball back in an offside-back-shot a player gets into the way of an opponent who is in possession of the ball on his offside.

Wrong Because:

The defender infringes on the opponent’s right-of-way in a manner that is not only dangerous but also unsportsmanlike. He has crossed the opponent’s line leaving too little space between them and therefore puts himself and the other player in danger.


In order to cover his opponent correctly and effectively, the defender must wait until he can overtake his opponent and hit the ball in the opposite direction of play.

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