Polo: Soldiers Salute Championships on at Nairobi Club

After the Maria Bencivenga Ladies Championships last weekend, 16 players converge this afternoon at Nairobi Polo Cub for the Resolute Soldiers Salute Polo Championships.

It will be the second tournament this season, which is meant to shape riders and their ponies before the season proper hits-off in May ahead of international assignments involving Kenyan teams against South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe later in the year.

Most lady riders who featured in last weekend’s tournament have been exempted from the Salute championships.

Team B of handicap 2.5 Kimoi Moi, Jamie H (0.5), Lochie Stichbury (-0.5) and Jamie Excel(-1.5) start as favourites on the strength of their handicap as they face Team A at 2.30pm.

Team A whose total handicap is 0.5 is comprised of Jules Camm, Jadini Nzomo, Louis DT and Miranda Romjin.

The second match at 3.30pm is between Team C against Team D. Handicap 2.5 Raphael Nzomo lead the Team C which has Amani Nzomo (0.5), Silke Hampson (-0.5) and Fred Kambo (-1.5) while Team D is comprised of Mose M (2.5), Phyllipa Gulden (0), Rowena Stichbury (-1) and Tasha Tisminisezsky.

Both teams start the match at an equal footing on same handicap (0.5).

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