Polo: Zambia overcome Kenya B in the opening match

Zambia defeated Kenya B 14-8 to make a positive start in the Kenya International Championships in what was regarded as a test match for both sides at Manyatta Polo Club in Gilgil on Friday. 

The Zambians used the match to test the Kenyan horses, which they’ll use in their second match against Kenya A on Saturday.

The handicap 14 Zambia team of Kevin Coventry(4), Mark Coventry(4), Shane Conventry(3) and Ian Robinson (3) were too superior for the handicap 8 Kenya B side whose members included Kimoi Moi(2), Joss Craig(2), Phillip Arunga(2) and Henry Limb (2).

The Kenya B side used the match to test their skills as the alternstive side of the senior side.

Kenya B started the match at the advantage of six goals from their low handicap from a difference of eight handicaps compared to their opponents (Zambia).

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