Prince William Replaces Polo Ponies With A Huge Painting… And Gives A Copy Of The Artwork To Harry

TALK OF THE TOWN: Prince William replaces his polo ponies with a giant painting by a friend that now hangs in his house …

By Charlotte Griffiths for The Mail on Sunday

Released: June 06, 2021, 00:58 a.m. CET | Updated: 01:05 BST, June 6, 2021

After deciding to give up his polo ponies, I can report that Prince William replaced them with a giant painting by a friend that now hangs in his house.

And interestingly, Wills gave a copy of the painting to his brother Prince Harry, who traded polo for yoga.

The artist Madeleine de St Pierre Bunbury, 25, tells me: “Prince William commissioned me himself. He gave up playing polo and wanted to get rid of his ponies, so he asked me to paint them all together.RELATED POSTS

“He gave a copy to his bridegroom and brother. I know him from how we met on Mustique and our parents are friends. It took a month to complete the project as there were 12 ponies. I’d rather not say how much it cost, but I made him a deal, ”added Madeleine, who, as my photo shows, must be the only artist who paints standing on a horse!

Prince William pictured this May

The artist Madeleine de St Pierre Bunbury (25) saw while painting on a horse (left) and Prince William in May of this year (right)

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