Qualifying tournament for the Argentine Opens begins

The Qualifying Tournament which awards two spots for the upcoming Argentine Open, at Palermo, is set to start on Friday October 22. The tournament will see seven teams between 28 and 30 goals, compete, split in two leagues. The winners of each league will earn the two remaining spots for the most important polo competition worldwide.

The opening day will take play at Tortugas Country Club and the Argentine Association of Polo, in Pilar, with the following order of play:

  • Tortugas Country Club

10am: La Esquina vs. La Fija.

12pm: Chapaleufu vs. Los Machitos.

  • Predio Alfredo Lalor AAP, Pilar

10am: Alegría Fish Creek vs. La Aguada.

The Qualifying Tournament will come to an end on Monday November 1. 

Qualifying Tournament for the Argentine Open – Teams & Fixture

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