Republica Argentina Cup: Cuatro Vientos claim most coveted trophy of the Argentine Autumn season

Cuatro Vientos (who received 5 goals on handicap) beat La Aguada 12-9 to win the final of the República Argentina Cup on Thursday, April 1, on Palermo’s number one ground. The match final saw two father-son pairings go head to head – Santiago Chavanne and his 13-years-old son, Lorenzo (representing Cuatro Vientos), and Eduardo Novillo Astrada Jr and his 20-years-old son, Cruz (for La Aguada).

The República Argentina Cup was established in 1929. The tournament is remarkable because teams from all over the country are elegible to play. This unique competition invites teams rated from 0 to 40 goals to compete. The final stage is played between Palermo and the AAP grounds in Pilar, while the final takes place at Palermo. It is worth noting that the República Argentina Cup is played on handicap, and ties are permitted during the qualification stage.

This edition marks the comeback of the tournament after it was cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic. The last team to win the República Argentina Cup was La Esquina, back in 2019.

This year’s final saw Cuatro Vientos take full advantage of the five goals they received on handicap. They managed to control the match and maintain the lead over the six chukkas of play, even reaching a comfortable 10-6 advantage by half time. La Aguada managed to outscore Cuatro Vientos 2-0 in the two next chukkas, but luck was not on their side, and the coveted title went to Cuatro Vientos. As a consolation, La Aguada took the runner up trophy, the Independencia Cup.

This is the first time Cuatro Vientos claim the República Argentina Cup. It was also a first for three of the team’s members: Lorenzo Chavanne, Facundo Llosa and Santiago Zubiaurre. Santiago Chavanne, however, had won the title once before, back in 1996, with alongside Juan Piombo, Marcial Socas and Adolfo Cambiaso, for La Martina.

Palermo’s number two ground also saw action, with the Diario La Nación Cup going to Coronel Suarez, after they defeated Ivi Maray (received 6 goals on handicap) 14-11 in the final. Medialuna (received 14 goals on handicap), were also victorious, taking the Canada Cup, after securing a 19-12 victory over Arelauquen P. C. – Patagonia Polo.


Cuatro Vientos: Lorenzo Chavanne 1 (1 goal), Facundo Llosa 6 (1) Santiago Zubiaurre 5 (2), Santiago Chavanne 7 (3, one penalty). Total: 19.

La Aguada: Matías Machado 5 (4, one penalty), Cruz Novillo Astrada 4 (2), Alfredo Bigatti 8 (3) Eduardo Novillo Astrada Jr. 7. Total: 24.

Score Cuatro Vientos: (5-0) 5-3, 8-5, 10-6, 11-7, 11-8, 12-9.

Umpires: Matías Baibiene & Gastón Lucero.

Third Man: Gonzalo López Vargas.

BPP Jaime Amorin: Ve Ocho Feliz, ridden by Santiago Chavanne.

Best Polo Argentino Bred (Argentine Polo Pony Breeders Assn.): Ve Ocho Feliz, ridden by Santiago Chavanne.


Coronel Suárez: Marcos Harriott 4, José R. Araya 5, Santiago Araya (h) 6 y Diego Araya 7. Total: 22.

Ivi Maray – Black Hound: Manuel Serra 2, Lucas Boccolini 2, Sebastián Petracchi 4 e Ignacio Laprida 8. Total: 16.

Score Coronel Suárez: (0-6) 3-7, 6-7, 8-8, 10-9, 12-10, 14-11.

Umpires: Rafael Silva & Hugo Iturraspe.

Third Man: Juan José Díaz Alberdi.


MediaLuna: Francisco Rattagan 1, Joaquín Copello 2, Juan P. Arbelbide 3 y Segundo Copello 2. Total: 8.

Arelauquen P. C. – Patagonia Polo: Juan M. Gramajo 5, Francisco del Campo 5, Miguel del Carril Jr 6, Lucas Torales 6. Total: 22.

Score MediaLuna: (14-0) 14-3, 16-7, 17-9, 18-10, 18-11, 19-13.

Umpires: Gonzalo López Vargas & Juan José Araya.

Third Man: Juan José Díaz Alberdi.

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