RS Murus Sanctus qualified for the championship match of the Hurlingham Open

RS Murus Sanctus qualified for the championship match of the Hurlingham Open, the second leg of the coveted Argentine Triple Crown, following a 13-12 win over title holders, Ellerstina, in a thrilling semifinal that took place at the Hurlingham Club, on Saturday October 30.

The tournament sees eight teams up to 39 goals, compete, split in two leagues.

The winners played with their complete lineup for the first time within the season; Facundo Sola was not able to play the Tortugas Open due to an injury he suffered during the Jockey Club Open, while Pablo MacDonough was back on the saddle, fully recovered from a torn muscle. Ellerstina did not have Nicolás Pieres, who had a tough fall in the match against La Dolfina Brava, last week. His place was taken by Alfredo Cappella.

With regards to the match, it was exactly what was expected from two great teams – RS Murus Sanctus and Ellerstina played a very leveled and thard fought match throrghout the first half, that ended with Ellerstina leading 8-6 by the end of the fourth chukka. Things would change from the fifth chukka onwards – RS Murus Sanctus took off in that chukka and overwhelmed Ellerstina by outscoring them 4-0, a gap that was crucial for Corinne Ricard’s organisation, in order to retain the control of the game. From then on, RS Murus Sanctus seized the reins by displaying a great team play, that allowed them to be much more in control of the whole situation, and mostly, commanded by Sapo Caset’s remarkable performance. Caset produced eight goals and was very accurate to convert penalties. Although Ellerstina struggled to get closer to the score, RS Murus Sanctus managed to hold the pressure. At the end of the day, they were victorious, and advanced to the final of the Hurlingham Open for the second consecutive year – and they lost that final to Ellerstina, in 2020. Today, they had their rematch and the French organisation will look for their first title in the Argentine Triple Crown.



RS Murus Sanctus: Facundo Sola 9 (1 goal), Guillermo Caset  10 (8, 3 penalties, 1 corner), Pablo Mac Donough 10 (3), Juan Martín Nero 10 (1). Total: 39.

Ellerstina: Facundo Pieres 10 (7 goals, 6 penalties), Hilario Ulloa 10 (2), Gonzalo Pieres Jr. 9 (2), Alfredo Cappella 8 (1). Total: 37.

Score RS Murus Sanctus: 1-2, 3-2, 4-4, 6-8, 10-8, 12-10, 13-12.

Umpires: Gastón Lucero y Gonzalo López Vargas.

Third Man: Martín Pascual.


Semifinal #1 – RS Murus Sanctus vs. Ellerstina

RS Murus Sanctus’ contender will emerge on Sunday October 31, after the clash of the Cañuelas-based lineups – La Dolfina vs. La Natividad, due at 4,30pm.


La Dolfina Saudi: Adolfo Cambiaso 10, Francisco Elizalde 9, David Stirling 10, Diego Cavanagh 9. Total: 38.

La Natividad: Camilo Castagnola 9, Pablo Pieres 9, Bartolomé Castagnola Jr. Ignatius du Plessis 9. Total: 36.

Umpires: Guillermo Villanueva &  Martín Pascual.           

Third Man: Gastón Lucero.

The final of the Hurlingham Open is set for Saturday, November 6.

Hurlingham Open: Teams & Fixture

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