Scone Dominate from Outset

USPA Gold Cup Final
The USPA Gold Cup Final was played on Sunday 28 March at International Polo Club Palm Beach between two of the strongest teams of the competition, Tonkawa and Scone. The USPA Gold Cup is the second stage of the Gauntlet of Polo and the Final was played on a hot day in Florida, with Scone producing one of their best performances of the season, dominating the action from the outset. By the end of the first chukka, Scone had managed to secure themselves a strong 3-1 lead and by half-time had increased this to 8-3.

With the powerful Cambiaso duo teaming up seamlessly with Peke Gonzalez in the second half which meant Tonkawa had a mountain to climb at the start of the sixth chukka with the scoreboard reading 12-5 against them; however Tonkawa fought back admirably in the last chukka and managed to score five goals, but sadly despite their valiant efforts it wasn’t enough and Scone ran out the winners, 13-10. 

Poroto Cambiaso was named Most Valuable Player, Monjita Coronada, played by Adolfo Cambiaso was the Best Playing Pony and Lovelocks Camusericht, also played by Cambiaso was awarded the Argentine Polo Pony Breeders Assn. Best Playing Pony. A full report will be included in the April issue of Polo Times, click here to renew your subscription. 

USPA Gold Cup Final Teams:

Scone (22): David Paradice (0), Poroto Cambiaso (6), Peke Gonzalez (6) & Adolfo Cambiaso (10) 

Tonkawa (22): Jeff Hildebrand (0), Lucas Escobar (3), Sapo Caset (10) & Fran Elizalde (9) 

Photograph: Scone secured themselves The USPA Gold Cup. By ©Alex Pacheco

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