Scone Secure Sterling Cup

Win for Cambiasos
The 22 goal Sterling Cup tournament is a precursor to the Gauntlet of Polo and World Polo League series and this year saw six teams compete at Grand Champions Polo Club for a place in the Final on Sunday 7 February. On Finals day Scone faced La Indiana, with Scone having secured their place in the Final with a 13-9 win against Santa Rita on Sunday 30 January, while La Indiana earned their place following a 14-10 win against Casablanca on Saturday 29 January. Just 30 seconds into the first chukka saw La Indiana’s Nico Escobar score the first of his six goals of the day, but Scone quickly replied with a penalty conversion to put themselves on the scoreboard. Action to and fro saw two further goals for La Indiana and one from Scone to end the first chukka with La Indiana just in the lead, 3-2.

The close scores of the first chukka were an indication of things to come for the remainder of the match as both teams tried to gain and maintain the upper hand. Just before half-time both Polito Pieres and Adolfo Cambiaso tussled for possession near the boards, resulting in a penalty 4 for Pieres, which took the scores to 9-7 in favour of Scone. Throughout the tournament La Indiana had really shone in the fifth chukka, using the time to push ahead with plenty of goals, however during the Final their usual pace failed to materialise and by the end of the chukka Scone remained in the lead with a score of 12-10. The final chukka saw La Indiana move up a gear, but facing a two goal deficit and the symbiotic duo of the Cambiasos meant that odds were stacked against La Indiana. La Indiana missed a series of opportunities, while Cambiaso Snr made sure the clock ticked down without Scone’s two goal advantage being worn away. At the last moment, Pieres managed to convert a penalty, taking the scores of 14-13, but there was simply not enough time left on the clock and Scone ran out the winners. Cambiaso Snr was named Most Valuable Player with La Dolfina Paloma, owned by J5 and played by Adolfo Cambiaso, selected as the Best Playing Pony. 

The Sterling Cup Final Teams:

Scone (22): David Paradice (0), Adolfo Cambiaso (10), Poroto Cambiaso (6) & Peke Gonzalez (6)

 La Indiana (22): Michael Bickford (2), Jeff Hall (6), Polito Pieres (10) & Nico Escobar (4) 

Photograph: Poroto Cambiaso in action in The Sterling Cup Final. By GCPC

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