Sherwood Farm, Noon Polo score victories

LAHORE: Sherwood Farm and Noon Polo played superb polo and emerged triumphant in the Christmas Polo Cup 2021 at the historic Lahore Polo Club Ground here on Wednesday. The first match of the day saw Sherwood Farm outpacing Waste Busters Pakistan by 5-3½. Ibrahim Naveed Sheikh and Omar Asjad Malhi emerged as heroes of the match from the winning side as both were in sublime form and amused the spectators with superb display of horse and mallet work. Both the heroes thrashed in two tremendous goals each while the remaining goal was converted by Mustafa Aziz. Raja Jalal Arslan banged in a brace and Ali Tiwana converted one goal for the losing team, which had a half goal handicap advantage. The second match of the day was contested under American system among three teams, which included Noon Polo, Haye Squad and Polo Lounge. All three teams played outstanding polo and succeeded in winning their respective matches. In the end, the winner of this match was decided on the better goal average and it was Team Noon, who had better goal average, thus they emerged as victorious.

In the first two-chukker match, Polo Lounge defeated Haye Squad by a narrow margin of 3-2. M Waheed, Ahmed Ali Tiwana and Asfandyar Ramday did well with pony and mallet and slammed in one goal apiece from the winning side while Chaudhry Hassan Mansoor struck the only goal from the losing side, which had a one goal handicap advantage. The second two-chukker match was contested between Haye Squad and Noon Polo and after a tough contest, Haye Squad won the match by 4½-4. Noon Polo fully dominated the first chukker and fired in four goals with Ali Ellahi hammering a hat-trick and Taimoor Noon scoring one goal. The second chukker was fully dominated by Haye Squad, who cracked a quartet – a brace by Chaudhry Hassan Mansoor and one each by Eesha Haye and Usman Haye – while they had a half goal handicap advantage, thus they won the match by 4½-4.

The third and last two-chukker match saw Noon Polo overpowering Polo Lounge with a good margin of 5½-2. Taimoor Noon and Hussain Monnoo were the heroes of Noon Polo, which had a half goal handicap advantage, as both thrashed in two tremendous goals while Ali Ellahi struck one goal. Asfandyar Ramday and Adil Tiwana, who pumped in one goal each, were the goal scorers from the losing side.

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