Shestakov Fine Art Showcases Artwork at International Cup at Grand Champions Polo Club

Shestakov Fine Art is a Ukrainian fine art photography company owned by photographer Artem Shestakov, now located in the USA. In partnership with Melissa Ganzi, the company will present the photography exhibition at the World Snow Polo Championship.

Florida, United States – December 2, 2021 — 

Shestakov brings its customers that scenic view through their photographs. The ability to convey the same beauty through landscape photography is considered to be a high-level skill. But, more than talent, putting that shot together takes time and effort. Shestakov’s ultimate goal is to have that ability in photography that can portray not just an ordinary image but a story.

The picture collection of the organization encompasses the entire representation of nature. Rather, each photograph is distinct in its sense, capturing specific moments in time, life, and environment.

The best of the best are included in the Fine Art collection of top-selling photographic prints. Every image is printed using a Lumachrome TruLife acrylic print medium which provides the image with the ultimate luxury, with unrivalled detail, remarkable 3D depth, brilliant colours, and stunning insight.

Following months of travelling across several states and photographing magnificent views, Shestakov Fine Art recently showcased their artwork at the Grand Champions Polo Club with the help of polo star Melissa Ganzi. Richard Mille, Seminole Casino Coconut Creek, and Casablanca are among the professional polo teams that claim Grand Champions Polo Club as home. During the main games of the winter, spring, and fall tournament seasons and other special events, the club welcomes to witness all levels of polo in a casual atmosphere.

After grasping the experience of showcasing the artwork at such a mega event, the company is excited to present the next exhibition, which will happen at World Snow Polo Championship- Rio Grande Park, Aspen, on December 18th and 19th. Together with Melissa Ganzi, the company hopes to continue promoting polo and leaving a lasting legacy in the sport for generations to come. Customers can learn more about future events by visiting the website.

Shestakov tries to depict various aspects of life, and as a firm that is living an active and meaningful life, it creates particularly compelling works. This is one of the things that contributes to Shestakov’s photographs’ effect. Its global travels have given it a profound appreciation for and passion for landscapes and the outdoors.

Shestakov Fine Art is a Ukrainian photography studio known for its landscape and wildlife photography. Its renowned landscape Fine Art photography company, which is currently based in the United States, was designated one of the most significant photographic companies in 2020.

Customers can explore Shestakov’s latest limited edition of fine art photography releases here.

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