Sotogrande Silver Cup Continues

Semi Finals spots up for grabs
Sunday 8 August, saw The Terralpa Silver Cup continue at Santa María Polo Club in both the medium and high goal sections. The Terralpa Silver Cup is the second phase of the 50th Anniversary International Polo Tournament. The first match of the day saw John Smith beat Nairobi 12-9 who not only secured a place in the Semi Finals of the medium goal, but also finished the qualifying stages undefeated; John Smith will be joined by Cibao La Pampa and ATL Marine and Energy in the medium goal Semi Finals tomorrow, Tuesday 10 August, In the afternoon the action resumed in the high goal section, with Marqués de Riscal beating Dos Lunas La Hacienda to qualify for the Semi Finals, while the second match of the day saw BN Polo beat BP Polo 12-11 in a thrilling match, keeping their Semi Final qualifying hopes alive. The Terralpa Silver Cup continued yesterday with Ayala vs Sainte Mesme for the high goal category, which saw Ayala secure a 10-6 win, which mean BN Polo, BP Polo and Dos Lunas La Hacienda will take part in a penalty shootout today to decide the last two Semi Final spots for Wednesday 11 August. 

Medium Goal Terralpa Silver Cup Teams:

Cibao La Pampa (14): Juan Pepa (1), Patricio Neves (4), Patricio Cieza (6) & Jorge Pepa (3) 

Nairobi (14): Grace Cariss (0), Hernan Pieres (3), Santiago Schweitzer (5) & Juan Zubiaurre (6) 

John Smith (14): Gabriel Aguirre (0), TBC (2), Alejandro Muzzio (8) & Gregorio Gelosi (4) 

Hodro Polo (14): Marc Aberle (0), José Trenor (2), Peke González (7) & Malcolm Borwick (5) 

Santa Quiteria (14): José Manuel Entrecanales (0), Gonzalo Entrecanales (2), Ignacio Negri (7) & Santiago Tanoira (5) 

Atl Marine & Energy (14): Kevin Korst (1), Jan Nidas Johansson (0), Pablo Llorente (6) & Agustin Garcia Grossi (7) 

High Goal Terralpa Silver Cup Teams: 

Ayala (20): Iñigo Zobel (0), Benjamin Panelo (5), Polito Pieres (9) & Santiago Laborde (6) 

BN Polo (20): Babar Nassem (0), Marcos Araya (6), Hilario Ulloa (10) & Pelayo Berazadi (4) 

BP Polo (20): Joevy Beh (3), Poroto Cambiaso (7), Adolfo Cambiaso (10) & James Beh (0) 

Dos Lunas (19): Pascual Sainz De Vicuña (5), Luis Domecq (2), Joaquin Pittaluga (7) & Martin Iturraspe (5) 

Marques De Riscal (19): Luis Aznar (0), Santiago Cernadas (6), Sapo Caset (9) & Cruz Heguy (4) 

Sainte Mesme (20): Pacho Padmanabh Singh (3), Robert Strom (4), Clemente Zavaleta (7) & Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario (6)  

Photograph: Babar Nassem (BN Polo) vs James Beh (BP Polo). By Matias Callejo

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