Sotogrande Silver Cup Winners

Success for John Smith Ayala & Ayala
Friday 13 is considered unlucky by most, but not for John Smith Ayala who enjoyed a 14-11 win against Cibao La Pampa in the medium goal Terralpa Silver Cup Final at Santa María Polo Club. Despite a descending fog, John Smith Ayala dominated the first chukka, however Cibao La Pampa managed to level the scores and even managed to tie; yet going into the last chukka John Smith Ayala managed to widen and maintain their advantage to secure the trophy. Alejandro Muzzio was named Most Valuable Player while Dolfina Minifalda, played by Patricio Cieza and owned by Adolfo Cambiaso was the Best Playing Pony. 

The following day, Saturday 14 August, The Terralpa Silver Cup came to an end with the high goal Final between BN Polo and Ayala, the tournament marks the second phase of the 50th International Polo Tournament. The first two chukkas had the spectators on the edge of their seats as both teams exchanged goals to tie 5-5, however BN Polo took a two goal lead in the third chukka, with Ayala closing the gap with a goal of their own. Ayala managed to find their form in the second half, producing five unanswered goals. While BN Polo tried to get back onto the scoreboard, Ayala managed to hold them at bay and with Polito Pieres (later named Most Valuable Player) scoring 10 goals in total for Ayala, they lifted the cup high. Fanta, played by Pieres and owned by Juan Martín Nero was the Best Playing Pony, while Lavinia Cautiva, played by Hilario Ulloa, was the Best Argentine Bred Pony. 

The Medium Goal Terralpa Silver Cup Final Teams:

John Smith Ayala (14): Gabriel Aguirre (0), Gregorio Gelosi (4), Alejandro Muzzio (8) & Nicolás Álvarez (2)

Cibao La Pampa (14): Juan Pepa (1), Patricio Neves (4), Patricio Cieza (6) & Jorge Pepa (3) 

The High Goal Terralpa Silver Cup Final Teams:

Ayala (20): Iñigo Zobel (0), Benjamin Panelo (5) (replaced by Mackenzie Weisz (4) in the fourth chukka), Santiago Laborde (6) & Pablo Pieres (9) otal: 20.

BN Polo (20): Babar Nassem (0), Marcos Araya (6), Hilario Ulloa (10) & Pelayo Berazadi (4) 

Photograph: Action from the high goal Terralpa Silver Cup Final. By Matias Callejo

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