Sowiniec and S/S Polo Team qualified to the championship match of the Sowiniec Polo Cup

Sowiniec and S/S Polo Team qualified to the championship match of the Sowiniec Polo Cup, that’s underway at Sowiniec Polo Club, in Poland. The club is located approximately 300 km West of Warsaw, the country’s capital. The tournament kicked off on Thursday, August 26 and the finals are due on Saturday, August 28.

The club’s facilities include two full size grounds (270 x 150 metres), one arena (100 x 50 metres), a trot track for eight horses, training track, indoor grounds, and stables for 60 horses. The club currently owns 30 horses to house 20 horses owned by temporary members.

Sowiniec Polo Club has big plans for the future. “Our expectations are focused on the club’s growth, welcoming teams to come and enjoy the tournament,” they share. “It is not always easy for patrons to come to Poland, because they can’t imagine what we are able to offer. But once they visit, they always come back. We are located less than three hours by car from Berlin, so that counts in our favour. In addition, the quality of our grounds is incredible, and it is difficult to find facilities of this level in other parts of Europe.”

These have been the results:

  • Thursday August 26:

Sowiniec 5-4 Black Team (extra chukka)

S/S Polo Team 9-6 Ivy

  • Friday August 27:

Sowiniec 6-5.5 Ivy

S/S 7-4.5 Black Team


S/S Polo vs. Ivy Polo

The finals, to be played on Saturday August 28, have been set as follows:

Third Place

Ivy vs Black Polo Team

Final Sowiniec Polo Cup

Sowiniec vs S/S Polo Team


  • S/S POLO TEAM: Matthias Werz (-1), Sandra Schneider (0), Jesus Bordoni (2), Eduardo Anca (5).
  • SOWINIEC: Mariusz Switalski (0), Franco Pereyra (0), Mateusz Switalski (2), Facundo Cordeu (3).
  • IVY: Piotr Rogowski (0), Jacek Ukwenya (0), Krzysztof Gajdamowicz (0), Andrés Fernandez Llorente (3).
  • BLACK POLO TEAM: Helmut Wieser (-1), Peter Wahl (-1), Svenja Hoelty (1), Santiago Marambio (6).

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