Thai Polo Cup gives Jockey Club Open breath of fresh air

The Argentine Spring season is still an age away, but news relating to the 2021 high goal season in the country is drawing attention to what’s to come. What will be a historic occasion is causing much of a stir, and rightly so. This year, Harald Link’s Thai Polo will organise the 56th Jockey Club Open, a highly prestigious competition which sees the best players in the world enter the tournament—the perfect warm up for the Argentine Triple Crown that follows. 

The Jockey Club Open was first played over five decades ago. Since then, top players and, in recent times, several patrons, have been brave enough to play the tournament. Both Bob Jornayvaz (Valiente) and Curtis Pilot (Pilot) have claimed the title over the past few years. 

The Jockey Club Open gives patrons the chance to compete alongside the best players in the world in an open format tournament. The high goalers, on the other hand, see it as a perfect opportunity to get into the swing of things before the Triple Crown kicks off.  

At this year’s Jockey Club Open attention will not only fall on the high level of organisation and the action on the field, but on the challenge implied in hosting the decisive stages of the tournament in its original home, the Jockey Club in San Isidro, once again. Presently, Battro Polo Fields are working hard on grounds one and two to ensure that they are in perfect conditions when the time comes to play. 

Thai Polo’s involvement in the 56th Jockey Club Open, which will run from September 14 to September 25, will not only relate to the event organisation, but in bringing the brand’s essence to the competition. Their ethos, ‘high quality, high hospitality,’ is sure to infuse the Jockey Club Open with the characteristic warmth of Thai Polo, and a superior set up in terms of organisation. 

With the support of Thai Polo, the experience of Battro Polo Fields, and the efficiency of Minuto Siete, the Jockey Club Open is sure to have a spectacular homecoming.

For more information please contact: Pablo Bagnardi / Michael Taylor.

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