The AAP unveiled 2021 Autumn handicap changes

On Friday July 30, the Board of Directors of the Argentine Polo Association, led by the President, Mr. Delfín Uranga, announced  the handicap changes of the past Autumn season, for ladies and gentlemen. The changes will become effective by the upcoming 2021 spring season in Argentina.

The most important raises among the gentleman went to Hilario Figueras, Juan Eduardo Harriott, Santiago Zubiaurre (5 to 6); Bautista Beguerie, Marcos Harriott, Cruz Heguy, Cruz Novillo Astrada (4 to 5); Lucas Bosch, Juan Manuel García Grossi, Tomás Pistone (3 to 4).

With regards to the ladies, raises went to Luisa del Carril, Clara Martinez Ferrario, Agustina Imaz (3 to 4); Pauline Schar (2 to 3); Juana Deramo (1 to 2).

There were also handicap changes for amateur players with raises for Francisco Moretti (9 to 10), Santiago Agote and Miguel García Labougle Jr. (7 to 9), Constantin Von Rennenkapff (7 to 8).

To see the complete lists

Handicap changes, autumn 2021, gentlemen

Handicap changes, autumn 2021, ladies

Handicap changes, autumn 2021, amateur

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