The AAP unveiled the setup for the upcoming 2021 Triple Crown

The Argentine Association of Polo has shared information regarding how the zones for the 2021 Argentine Triple Crown will be put together.

Keeping in mind that the eight top scoring teams—formed with at least three prequalified players—automatically qualify for the championship, the zones will be complied as follows:

The two top teams of the 2020 Ranking – Ellerstina and Murus Sanctus – will head the leagues in Tortugas and Palermo. The remaining six highest rated teams will complete the zones. The placement of each team in a zone will be decided through a draw: the third team in the ranking will be drawn against the fourth, the fifth against the sixth, and the seventh against the eighth.

In the Tortugas Open, the teams located in the second and forth position of each zone will switch zones. This is to avoid match repetition. The zones relating to the Hurlingham Open will be put together considering the results obtained in the Tortugas Open.

In the 128° Argentine Open, the AAP and the AAJP will determine the zones into which teams belonging to one organisation will be placed.

For more information, click HERE.

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