The Gold Cup for the British Open has been draw

The draw of the upcoming Gold Cup for the British Open took place on Monday June 21 at Cowdray Park Polo Club. The tournament will be played through Tuesday June 29-Sunday July 25.

The tournament, that will see thirteen teams up to 22 goals, compete, was set by John Weetman Pearson, Second Viscount Cowdray, in 1956, being the first ever winners of the coveted golden trophy the Argentine team, Los Indios. The ever enthusiastic John Weetman Pearson was the driving force behind the return of competitive polo to England after the Second World War.

The Gold Cup for the British Open is one of the three Grand Slams of polo, together with the Argentine Open and the US Open.


League A:

UAE, Monterosso, Great Oaks Les Lions, BP Polo, Talandracas.

Group B:

UAE II, Park Place, Thai Polo, Vikings.

Group C:

Scone, King Power, Murus Sanctus, Emlor.

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