The most complete guide to the traditional Argentine Polo Open that will be held in Palermo

The edition 128 of the Argentine Open and from 5th Women’s Open were presented at the headquarters Alfredo Lalor of the Argentine Polo Association (AAP) in Pilar. The event was attended by the president of the AAP, Dolphin Uranga; Veronica Guerrero, President of the Women’s Polo Subcommittee; and prominent polo players representing 17 teams.

The traditional contest to be held in Palermo will begin on Friday, November 12 and they will participate 10 teams from between 28 and 39 handicap goals grouped in 2 zones, which will be made up of the most important players in the world, among them, the 8 who have the 10 handicap goals in our countryAdolfo Cambiaso (h), William Caset (h), Pablo Mac DonoughJuan Martin NeroFacundo and Nicholas Pieres, the Uruguayan David Stirling (h) e Hilario Ulloa.

n Group A will be the defending champion La Dolfina Saudi PT, what will your ninth consecutive title in the tournament, this time with a renewed formation; Ellerstina Johor; The Brubank Cove; La Irenita PT; and Joy Fish Creek, equipment from the classification. 

In zone B they will play RS Murus Sanctus; The Nativity; La Dolfina Brava PT; Joy Standard Wealth; and Chapaleufú, also emerged from qualifying competitions. 

Meanwhile, the 5th Women’s Polo Open will be played entirely in Pilar, except for the final match, which will take place on Saturday December 11th in Palermo, and will participate 8 teams with between 18 and 36 handicap goals, made up of the best players in the world, including the three players with the highest valuation, Argentina Lía Salvo and the british Hazel Jackson and Nina Clarkin.

Both tournaments are the highest event in this sport worldwide and the best time of the year to enjoy a unique event in an iconic place in the middle of the city of Buenos Aires, where entertainment is on and off the field. This year the Argentine Polo Field will have a wide and unbeatable gastronomic proposal both in the central promenade and in the sector Dorrego.

Among the protagonists who were at the event, the presence of Fatima Balzano (The Irenita), Juan Britos (h) (La Ensenada Brubank), Julian of Lusarreta (Chapaleufú), Luisa del Carril (The Ensenad), Ignatius du Plessis (The Nativity), Candelaria Fernandez Araujo (The Brave Dolphin), Sofia Lorenzo, Santiago Loza (La Irenita PT) and Pablo Mac Donough (RS Holy Wall). 

Was also Agustin Merlos (Alegría Standard Wealth), Mia Novillo Astrada (La Aguada 4V), Nicolas Pieres (Ellerstina Johor), Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade (La Dolfina Brava PT), Camila Rossi (Thai Polo Nearside), Lía Salvo (El Overo UAE), David Stirling (h) (La Dolfina Saudi PT) and Clemente Zavaleta (n) (Joy Fish Creek).

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