Three-day Equitana USA horse event coming to Horse Park

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Leading American polo player Nic Roldan will join other horse enthusiasts from all fields for the inaugural three-day EQUITANA USA ( Oct. 1-3 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.

EQUITANA USA is the premier North American forum that promotes the exchange of ideas, information and experiences to enhance the horse and the equine industry, all while providing a high-quality event for those with a passion for horses.- Advertisement –

The three-day celebration of the horse invites equestrian professionals and enthusiasts of all riding levels and ages, disciplines, and breeds to gather for education, entertainment, instruction and shopping.

Roldan will join a roster of esteemed equestrians at EQUITANA USA, including Pat Parelli, Jim Masterson, Laura Graves and Phillip Dutton.

During the three days, Roldan will bring his own unique magic to the following range of presentations:

— 60 minute Polo Masterclass: Nic will give the ultimate introduction to the sport.  Giving an intro to the fundamentals of any equestrian sport: the riding.  In this case specifically to polo.  He will highlight the four-legged athletes at the very centre of it.  Many of which are OTTB’s.  Followed by demonstrating the basics of the sport such as the different shots and showcase some of his crazy skills, making riding a horse and tapping a ball up in the air, look like the most natural thing in the world.  Get your 101 polo fix, but beware as this presentation comes with a health warning as the polo bug is hard to shed, especially when presented by the ever charismatic Nic.

— 30 minute Polo Taster for Kids: Nic is at hand at EQUITANA USA to share his passion for the sport of polo.  You don’t always need to be on a horse to enjoy the sport.  Kids will get a unique chance to experience an intro into the game.  He will give a lively demonstration of some of the basics of the game, tell his personal story and talk about the four-legged athletes that allow him to shine on the field.  Along the way the kids will learn on foot the four basic strokes and hopefully leave feeling they’ve been given an unique insight into polo and the opportunities it offers.

Part of Nic’s brand is to educate people as to the athletic aspect of polo players, the intense gym work, nutrition, recovery etc.  Hence Nic’s teaming up with brands such as Technogym and Therabody.  Both of whom are developing custom equestrian specific protocols for warmup and recovery.

— 45 minute presentation on Equestrian Fitness: Many of us have become increasingly mindful as to the importance of fitness when it comes to equestrianism.  True horsemen need to be able to engage the right muscles to be able to give the right instructions to our horses, rather than merely being a passenger.  Nowhere is fitness more key than in the rigorous sport of polo and as such Nic is a fountain of knowledge on the subject.  Want to learn how you can make your gym session specifically relevant to your riding and improve you competing?  Look no further.  This is the presentation for you.  Leading fitness equipment brand Technogym have partnered with Nic for this enthralling presentation and their Director of Education & Training, Marty Miller, will be joining Nic and putting him through his paces.

— 15 minute presentation with Dr Jason Wersland of Therabody on percussive therapy and recovery for the equestrian: As a top athlete Nic is very aware of maintaining his body at its peak and likewise is mindful re giving his body the best chance for longevity in the sport,  Hence the bond with Therabody’s Founder and Chief Wellness Officer Dr. Jason.  Always being open to new methods and learning the science behind it is essential, according to Nic.

Therabody enhances the body’s natural ability to perform, recover, and achieve wellness with cutting-edge solutions that empower everybody to take control of their wellness routines with a deeper understanding of how to care for the body.

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