Top 13 Famous Polo Athletes in the World

Who are the faces of the Polo Sport? Who’s the most famous polo athlete in the world? Has this type of question ever crossed your mind? Well, If it has, this article will answer all your questions. Here, you will get to learn all about the top famous polo athletes in the world.

Polo is known as the oldest equestrian sport, a game that originated in Central Asia. It was first played in Persia.

However, unlike other sports Polo may not be a trendy sport, but even in a game like that, they have famous players widely known for their skills, looks, and charm.

Although the most famous polo athlete list is filled with Argentine athletes, we have tried our best to rank them as far as practicable.

Top 13 Famous Polo Athletes in the World

Below mentioned is the list of 13 famous polo athletes in the world. 

1Adolfo CambiasoArgentina
2Mariano AguerreArgentina
3Pablo Mac DonoughArgentina
4Juan Martin NeroArgentina
5Tommy BeresfordIreland
6Hilario UlloaArgentina
7Facundo PieresArgentina
8Bob JornayvazUSA
9Nicolas RoldanArgentina
10David Sterling Jr.Uruguay
11Bartolome CastagnolaArgentina
12Carlos GracidaMexico
13David ParadiceAustralia

13. David Paradice

David Paradice is an amateur Australian Polo athlete/businessman with numerous trophies and achievements to his name. He plays for the “Scone Polo Club,” which is backed by an exiled Russian billionaire Andrey Borodin.

For a Polo player winning the U.S. Polo Championship is a dream come true accomplishment. David Paradice won his first title along with Poroto CambiasoAdolfo Cambiaso, and Peke Gonzalez.

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