U.S. Open Women’s Polo Championship

Tournament underway in Florida
The U.S. Open Women’s Polo Championship began on Wednesday 10 March at Port Mayaca Polo Club, the tournament dates back to the 1930s, with the first tournament presented in 1937 by the United States Women’s Polo Association (U.S.W.P.A). The U.S.W.P.A was the first and only women’s polo association in America, creating a handicapping system to mirror the men’s, and in its 10 year lifespan accumulated 300 members; however with the onset of World War II, the women focused their attention on the war effort. In 1972 women were welcomed into the United States Polo Association, but the U.S. Open Women’s Polo Championship was not replayed until the early 1990s, but the tournament lost momentum after a few years of competition. In 2011 the tournament was recognised as a national tournament and is now the country’s most prestigious women’s polo cup. 

The tournament is played in a five star draw format, with the preliminary matches played at Port Mayaca Polo Club and the Finals played at International Polo Club Palm Beach. This year sees five teams, up to 22 goals, competing in the tournament, with wins so far for Dundas, BTA/The Villages and Hawaii Polo Life. The action continues today with Polo Gear Coffee Co. vs Hawaii Polo Life and Iconica vs BTA/The Villages. After today’s matches, the top four teams will advance into the Semi Finals, which will be played on Wednesday 17 March, followed by the Finals on Saturday 20 March. 

U.S. Open Women’s Polo Championship Teams:

Iconica (22): Maureen Brennan (5), Clara Cassino (8), Milly Hine (6) & Anna Coscia (3)

BTA/The Villages (22): Kylie Sheehan (5), KC Krueegr (6), Paige Boone (5) & Tiffany Busch (6)

Polo Gear Coffee Co. (22): Gillian Johnston (6), Dawn Laurel Jones (6), Izzy Parsons (8) & Danielle Lussi (2)

Hawaii Polo Life (22): Mia Cambiaso (8), Hazel Jackson-Gaona (10), Pamela Flanagan (4) & Dolores Onetto (0)

Dundas (22): Nina Clarkin (10), Sarah Siegel-Magness (2), Olivia Uechtritz (3) & Hope Arellano (7) 

Photograph: Action from day two of The U.S. Open Women’s Polo Championship. By Port Mayaca Polo Club

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