UAE Polo and Ghantoot Polo – Top Contenders for the IFZA Gold Cup 2021 Trophy

Two out of the four most powerful teams in the Dubai Open 2021 paved their way to the final scheduled on the 5th of March.

Tomas Panelo, nicked the first goal for UAE Polo that was directly matched by Alfredo Cappella from Abu Dhabi Polo and the first chukker closed at a tie. UAE Polo carved a 5 goal lead by the end of the second chukker which they extended to 6 goals by halftime. In the critical situation, Abu Dhabi raced to narrow the gap in scores in the last two chukkers but the goal lead of UAE Polo was enough to seal the win at 12 goals to 6.

Match Progression: 1 – 1 | 6 – 1 | 9 -3 | 10 – 5 | 12 – 6
Top scorer: Tomas Panelo, 5 goals

A fervid match ensued in the next half of the afternoon as Habtoor Polo faced Ghantoot Polo. On the first chukker, Llorente Jr. claimed the first and second goal trailed by another back to back goals from Marcos Araya which gave Ghantoot Polo a headstart in the game. The flurry of goals plus the strong defense from Ghantoot placed Habtoor Polo in a difficult position despite several attempts from Facundo Sola to level the scores.

The following chukkers played in a similar trend ultimately ending the game at 12 goals to 9 in favour of Ghantoot Polo.

Match Progression: 4 – 0 | 7 – 2 | 9 – 5 | 12 – 7 | 13 – 9
Top Scorer: Marcos Araya, 7 goals

The sub-semis of the IFZA Gold Cup 2021 is scheduled for tommorrow, 3rd of March on Field 3:

14:00 Zedan Polo vs. Dubai Wolves by CAFU
16:00 IFZA-Mahra vs. Bangash Polo

Images: © Khalil Ali / ShineTV

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